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Tescom uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems ensure the operation time of large data centers and provide facility-wide protection for sensitive electronic devices.

They feature redundant configurations and dual bus capabilities to keep your critical systems running during power outages, surges or noise interference.

These UPS systems allow modular configuration of a fully redundant power and control system sized to match the capacity of the protected equipment. As power requirements changes, capacity is easily added without increasing the system footprint.

Some systems can scale in 15 kW increments from 15 to 45 kW in a cabinet configuration with internal batteries or from 15 to 90 kW in a configuration that separates a cabinet for capacity paired with an external battery cabinet.

This approach allows the UPS system to be correctly sized, resulting in improved energy efficiency and low power consumption.

Tescom UPS systems are suitable for data centers, server rooms, telecommunication or process control centers, remote facilities, corporate data centers and co-location facilities.

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