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As a result of ongoing investments in power electronics and energy, the “Ministry of Science, Industry & Technology” has certified Tescom to be Turkey’s 455th R&D center.

Tescom's R&D department is the most valuable asset to this company since the day it was founded.

All engineers working here are the most experienced ones in the country in the field of power electronics.

This team has the knowledge and skill to create and launch a new product into the market within a very short period of time.

Besides, this R&D team has also ability to implement special request specifications to the standard manufactured products, faster and more efficiently than the competitors.

Thanks to the large budget allowance given every year a considerable amount of investment is being made to this department and as a result today Tescom is in a very pretentious position both in domestic and international markets.

Due to the close and strong relations with the international suppliers, Tescom has always been a company using and applying the latest technology materials and components in the products manufactured.

Since day one the goal of the Tescom’s R&D team has always been to follow up the latest technological developments in the market and detect the customer demands, then create and launch a product accordingly.