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TDJ Series Diesel Generators are presented to the attention of our customers with different engine options between 20-1650KVA and complete set solutions including cabinet and ATS.

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TDJ Series Diesel Generator Sets

It is the way that generators operate under variable load at certain time intervals. It can work as a backup power. It is not suitable to work under extreme load.

Applicable for supplying power to varying electrical load for unlimited hours. 10% overload capability is available for a period of 1 hour within 12-hour perod of operation.

It is the continious working under constant load. Unlimited hours use of all (100%) of the defined power. It cannot be overloaded above the defined power. For use where there is no mains power.

TESCOM TDJ Series Diesel generator set is a fully integrated power generation system, providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for stationary standby, prime power and continuous duty applications.

Baudouin heavy-duty engine - Rugged 4-cycle industrial diesel delivers reliable power, low emissions and fast response to load changes.

Alternator - Low reactance 2/3 pitch windings; low waveform distortion with non- linear loads, fault clearing short- circuits capability, and class H insulation.

Cooling system - The standart integrated kit model radiator system designed and tested for nominal ambient temparatures, simplifres facility design requirements for heat rejected.

Control system – Datakom electronic control is standard equipment and provides total genset system integration, including auto remote start/ stop, alarm and status message display.

Canopy Types - Optionally it is possible to make it protective and soundproof against adverse climatic conditions.

Warranty and service - Backed by a comprehensive warranty and worldwide aftersales support, 10 years of spare parts supplying.