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The use of uninterruptible power supplies (Uninterruptable Power Supply) has become a necessity rather than a choice in all areas of life, from industrial facilities and hospitals to our homes and offices. Situations such as high or low voltage, sudden voltage jumps, frequency changes occur in the electrical network. In such cases, it is necessary to both protect the electrical systems and provide backup energy.

The duty of uninterruptible power supplies is to ensure the continuity of the system by protecting the systems fed with electrical energy against power cuts, and to produce safe energy for critical loads by protecting the system against collapses, rises, sudden changes, harmonics and voltage fluctuations that may occur in the network. You need to isolate your workflow from such problems. The devices that provide this protection best are Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

No matter how uninterrupted your electrical network is, there is a high probability of surprise interruptions in case of any natural disaster (storm and rain), and even a blown fuse in your building's distribution panel can prevent your business.

There are three types of Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Online Uninterruptible Power Supply supplies your loads with a full wave sine output by performing a double conversion process (true double conversion) during its operation, keeps your batteries charged as long as the mains is available, and provides continuous and uninterrupted energy to your critical loads by continuing to supply them from the batteries in case of a possible power outage. .

Line Inretactive Uninterruptible Power Supply, when there is electricity, the inverter is not in operation, only the regulator part makes simple voltage regulation gradually, the frequency is not regulated. In this process, the battery charger is active and keeps the batteries under charge in case of a possible interruption. The battery group and the inverter part are activated when the mains power is cut off and feed the load through the batteries.

Off-Line Uninterruptible Power Supply, on the other hand, is not active when there is electricity and does not regulate voltage when there is electricity. If the network falls below or exceeds the specified limits, it is activated. Even if it is for a short time, the power outage is felt by the user.