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Static Transfer Switches (STS) are devices that automatically select the safe one for your load from two independent electricity sources and protect their loads by switching to the secondary source uninterruptedly when they encounter a fault in the primary source.

Industrial facilities and critical information technology require maximum reliability and absolute protection against power supply and load failures. Downtimes today are not acceptable, even during maintenance.

TESCOM Static Transfer Switches provide flexibility and maximum protection in the event of a power supply or mains failure.

Your loads will not be affected as it can switch between microprocessor control and sources very quickly. In addition, thanks to advanced communication systems, LCD screen and optional SNMP interface, it is possible to remotely monitor all measurements and parameters and device operating states. Mechanical bypass transfer advantage is provided with STS. It also allows neutral switching with 2/3 or 4 pole options. It protects your load in phase sequence changes that may occur in your utility. Thanks to its thyristor structure, it is resistant to high currents. For this reason, failure rates (MTBF) are very low.

It can be fed from different sources as follows.

UPS + Mains
Solar system + Grid
Generator + Mains
Generator + Generator
Generator + UPS
Grid1 + Grid 2 (independent dual energy bus)