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Tescom SD Series Rectifiers; They are devices that convert alternating current, which is wave current, into direct current. With this description, it can be said rectifiers have exactly the opposite working principle of inverters.

High reliability is achieved with the fully controlled conventional rectifier feature provided by the internal isolation transformer at the input and the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) processor. Our devices with automatic and manual charging modes can operate as a current source or voltage source. It has the possibility of starting from the battery with the soft start feature.

Our devices with advanced communication options have a 2x16 character LCD display that can show measurement, status and alarm messages, programmable alarm relay contact outputs (4 relay standard, up to 16 relay options), monitoring and control via RS232-RS485, Modbus communication compatibility and up to 200 Event record with date and time can be taken.

With DC Low / High, input loss, over-temperature, short circuit protections, our devices have a safer working profile and avaliable with 12V / 24V / 48V / 110V / 220V output options.