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Tescom DC/AC Inverters are devices or circuit systems that convert direct current to alternating current. Inverter which can be defined as an electrical power conversion element, is used in many different areas from small power supplies used in computers to large systems powering electrical distribution systems. Thanks to current needs and technological developments, it is possible to see that there are much more common application areas today.

Tescom DC/AC Inverter are devices with low distortion sine waveform output, high performance and providing superior protection.Tescom DC/AC Inverters stands out with its LCD display, detailed information monitoring, 2 microprocessor-controlled structure, 128 registered event memory, calendar and time display, RS232 communication port and dry contact outputs for remote monitoring from networks and automatic and safe shutdown of operating systems, SNMP compatible communication features. Tescom DC/AC Inverters are offered with custom-made input-output values ​​and models with 1-phase or 3-phase outputs.