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As a your reliable partner for uninterruptible power,

with a team of more than 40 years of experience, we provide our service for all kinds of engineering requirements.


All Tescom Products

are manufactured in a dynamic R&D environment by taking advantage of all the opportunities of our high-tech Turkey’s 455th R&D Center which is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.


Tescom Solar Products,

helps you maximize the efficiency of your solar power plant and reduce your costs with the Hybrid UPS, TSC Series Products and Solar Irrigation Systems.



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With all the products that we have developed we prioritize the spirit of environmentalism by protecting today's environmental values.

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Long Life Durable Energy

It helps you maximize the efficiency of your solar power plant and minimize your costs.

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Solar Irrigation System
Solar panels are the most important part of the solar system.
Hybrid Series
The new hybrid technology intelligently offers the most economical and ecological power option for loads.
TSC Series
The new Tescom solar converter series enables UPS systems to be powered by solar energy.


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