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Osman İkiz

Dear our TESCOM Customers, Partners and Employees,

Tescom, which designs, develops, diversifies and manufactures products in power electronics sector from 1980 to today, follows closely the improvements in technology in its field and becomes strong, widespread day by day and leads its sector in Turkey and presents its technology to the World markets.

We continue to proceed in order to be a strong brand of Turkey through our experienced colleagues manufacturing, developing and using technology and with our corporate culture considering innovative thinking.

We, as an important company within the structure of DMY Group of Companies, combine our know-how, which we acquired within years, with entrepreneurial spirit and we continue our studies without slowing down but with the will and determination to transfer our know how to the posterity.

In addition to our standard products for the uninterruptible power supply need of various sectors, we design and manufacture private power electronics products for the demands of different sectors. Uninterruptible power needs in many fields of life, such as health, service, education, telecommunication, transportation, industry, security, country defense, are satisfied by Tescom and Tescom ensures the continuation of manufacturing and quality, facilitates our lives, increases our life quality and in fact protects our lives.

Tescom having extensive sales and service networks in Turkey is near you and at your disposal at anytime and anywhere with the Unconditional Customer Satisfaction awareness, technical knowledge and experience of its sales and technical service employees and Solution Partners.

We try to fulfill our responsibility to make investment to the future of our country and society by our investments in renewable energy products with our sense of quality, manufacturing concept respecting to effectiveness and environment.

We continuously increase our market share and recognisability with our increased competitive power both in Turkey and other countries more than 50 where we export.

We conjectures the risks, uncertainties that we face in globalizing world and we make short and long term plans thus we duly manage and overcome the difficulties.

We continue our contributions to our country’s economy and employment.

We dignify our employees and we regard to transparency, make quick decision and team work, and we target to grow in order to proceed.

We hereby would like to extend our sincere thanks to all our employees who contributed our success and all our customers and partners trusting Tescom brand.

Sincerely yours,

Osman İkiz
General Manager