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The new DS Power range UPS uses the latest DSP technology to be programmed to suit a wide variety of electrical environments without impending its performance.

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The new DS Power range UPS uses the latest DSP technology to be programmed to suit a wide variety of electrical environments without impending its performance. With the DS Power range, efficiency, reliability and functionality are enhanced to levels unattainable with the old analogue technology. This technology does not only create significant increase in MTBF, but the capability of DSP to accurately manipulate signals at very high speed permits all the UPS subsystems to be controlled with greatly increased precision.

  • Galvanic isolation at output
  • Low input current total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • High input power factor
  • High efficiency up to 94%
  • Cold start function
  • Static and maintenance by-pass switch
  • Output short circuit and overload protection
  • External REPO switch input
  • 512 events memory (512 events 45000 alarms)
  • Clock and calender (battery supported)
  • Automatic battery test,remaining battery time indicator
  • Temperature compansated charge system (optional)
  • 2 RS232 serial ports and 12 dry contact outputs
  • 3 DSP controlled modular structure
  • Optional SNMP and MODBUS adaptors
  • Optional graphical panel
  • Optional usb flash memory
  • Full digital structure
  • Small footprint
  • Ecomode operation (optional)
  • Fewer electronic components
  • Output current limiting
  • Advanced diagnostics for the input
  • Selectable input/output voltage/frequency/range
  • Split by-pass input (second input)
  • Output DC leakage protection
  • Seperate DSP for inverter control
  • Seperate DSP for the PFC
  • 3 level battery protection
  • High charge current capacity
  • Charge/discharge current indicator
  • Advanced remote control
  • Manufactured according to EC Directive; EN62040
  • 2 years warranty
Power (kVA)600
Voltage380/400 VAC 3P + N + G ± 20% (415 VAC +15%, - 25% optional)
Frequency50Hz / 60Hz, ± 5%
Power factor≥ 0.99
THDI (*)≤ 3%
By-Pass Voltage380/400 VAC 3 Phase + N , 4 Wires, ± 10%
ProtectionsFuses, Voltage & Frequency tolerance, Input power limit, Phase sequency indicator
Power (kW)540
Power factor0,9
Voltage380/400 VAC 3 P + N , ± 1% (415 VAC optional)
Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Frequency ToleranceLine synchronized: ± 2% / Free running: ± 0,1%
Efficiencyup to 94%
Output current crest factor3:1
Overload Protection100% - 125% load: 10 min, 125% - 150% load: 1 min, - > 150% load: by pass
Other ProtectionsAdvanced short circuit, Voltage tolerance, DC balance, Regenerative load, Current limiting
THD< 3% (at 100% linear load)
Nominal Voltage± 336 VDC (2x28 batts)
Float / End of discharge voltage± 378 VDC / ± 280 VDC
Battery ambient temp25ºC
Protection3 level alarms, Battery fuses, Charging current limit, Temperature compensation (optional)
Automatic TestingStandard every 72 hours (adjustable)
StandardsEN62040-1, EN62040-2, EN62040-3
User InterfaceColored TFT panel, 5 vector buttons, Buzzer,
IndicatorsP-N voltage, P-P voltage, Current, Power, Crest Factor, Frequency, PF, Service Time
AdvancedSelf diagnostics, 3 maintenance time indicators, Calibration over RS232,operating hour meter
Communication2xRS232 serial ports, 4 standard and 8 optional DRY contact alarm relays
InputsEPO input, Interactive battery panel input, Genset input
Genset KitStandard (programmable)
SoſtwareStandard T-Mon UPS Management Soſtware (3 clients + 1 server management)
Alarm LoggingStandard:with time & date 512 events
ProtectionPower module over-temperature, Over current, Temperature high alarm
Temperature Range0ºC - 40ºC
Protection degreeIP20
Relative humidity90% max. (non-condensing)
Altitude< 1000m above sea level
Acoustic Noise< 72 dBA
Weight (kg)2800
Dimension (mm) HxWxD1900x3055x1050
Different input / output voltagePlease ask
SoſtwareT-Mon Admin Multi UPS monitoring 10-50-100-200 clients, T-Mon Server 50-100-200 clients
Comm. adaptorsSNMP, RS485, Remote monitoring panel, MODBUS (RS485 or TCP/IP), USB Alarm Logger, TCP/IP ,GSM/GPRS Modem, Comport multiplexer
Parallel operationup to 8 units
(*)Depending on power and input/output conditions

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