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Tescom TSVR Static Voltage Stabilizers; They are voltage control, protection and management devices with microprocessor-controlled, high-speed semiconductor technology. They are adjusted to the correct voltage value required by rapidly growing and more sensitive industrial devices; and is designed to meet continuous, established and secure energy needs.

Tescom TSVR Static Voltage Stabilizer, which can be produced in a very wide input voltage range for places where the mains voltages drop or rise excessively, evaluates the drops and increases in the mains voltage when the mains voltage drops by 60% or increases by 40%, and corrects it with a speed of 500V / seconds in 0.020 seconds.In this way, your high-cost industrial devices are protected against dangerous voltage changes and at the same time, it ensures high efficiency and uninterrupted operation of your systems.

Tescom TSVR Static Voltage Regulator is designed to be easily connected to electrical systems all over the world with its compact, aesthetic and modular structure. Bus-Bar Panel Input-Output Module, which is required for direct connection to Bus Bar systems, can be added optionally. Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Load Amount etc. information can be displayed and fault/warning information can be followed on the LCD screen. It can access devices via the web with remote monitoring and management. Also, you can see all the information on the LCD screen and change the setting values ​​of the device.

Tescom TSVR Static Voltage Regulator has High Voltage, Low Voltage, Over Temperature, Overload, Short Circuit and Phase Breaking protections for its own operational safety and also for the safe operation of all electronic devices in your business. There is a Manual By-pass unit that enables the loads to be transferred directly to the mains voltage to provide flexibility of use and operational safety. Equipped with thermomagnetic fuses at the input and output terminals.