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Frequency converters are an electrical supply system for devices powered by AC voltage from the mains and requiring a different frequency. Static frequency converters perform the frequency conversion in two stages. First, the input voltage is converted to DC voltage with the help of rectifiers. Then, with the help of the inverter, this DC voltage is converted to AC voltage at the desired frequency. Transistor, thyristor, diode are used for switching after these processes. Transportation, maritime, telecommunications and military systems are the main areas of use.

Tescom Frequency Converters are manufactured using PWM and IGBT technology. These products are completely microprocessor controlled and provide quality energy to critical loads. They can convert 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz mains line to 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz frequency to operate your critical mission equipment.

Tescom Frequency Converters, which stands out with its detailed LCD display, parameter and status information monitoring, microprocessor control, 128 registered event memory, calendar and time display, RS232 communication port and dry contact outputs for automatic and safe shutdown of remote monitoring and operating systems, SNMP compatible communication features, are offered with custom-made input-output values ​​and models with 1-phase or 3-phase outputs.