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IT Sector is growing day by day and affecting our lives. As the sector grows, serious developments are experienced in the devices used in this field.

Tescom continues to work with full force to protect these important devices of the IT sector from power outages. In particular, we would like to explain a few of the products we offer to our customers in this field. These products are DS Power SH Series UPS 's,Rack Type UPS 's,Modular UPS 's andSTS 's. Both these products and otherWhat makes you can visit our website for detailed information.

DS Power SH Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies special to the IT sector with Tescom products is that they are much more compact and take up less space. The batteries of the device are located in a special compartment under the device.

This situation, together with the batteries, helps us to see the device as a monoblock structure and to position it much more comfortably during installation. In addition, the 3-Level technology used in the device makes it possible to work with high efficiency and to get better performance at low loads.

Modular UPSs are often used when much higher powers are in question. At this point, starting from 20kVA products with 10kVA power modules, 50kVA power modules can reach 500kVA power value in a single cabinet. 1500kVA power value can be obtained by operating 3 of these products in parallel.

One of the frequently used products in Data Centers and large system rooms are Static Transfer Switch. These products are used to feed a system from at least two different networks. Its difference from UPS is that it does not have batteries and it has 2 mains inputs, not 1 mains input.

When STS feeds the load from the selected network, in case of possible fluctuation or disturbance, it automatically switches to the second network in less than 5 ms. Unlike UPSs, it can provide continuous supply, not for a limited time. However, it should be noted again that there should be more than one source of electricity in places where it is used. It is also possible to create different topologies to feed multiple sources and multiple loads. We, as Tescom have STS solutions ranging from single phase between 32A and 120 Amperes; from three-phase 50A to 800A.

Tescom Uninterruptible Power Systems have been in existence for more than 30 years in many different sectors and facilities in order to prevent your daily life from being affected by power outages, and offers the latest technologies in line with trends. We are at your service 24/7 with our Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya centers and our solution partners who support each province.