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Tescom, which continues it’s presence in the sector with the production of power protection devices, how it can add value to your life?

In this article, we will try to talk about our vision of the future while answering this questions.

Tescom is a company which was established in 1980 by 3 engineers under the name of Tümel Elektronik Ltd. and started to produce different electronic devices. It started to produce OEM UPS in a short time and continues to work in the sector today as one of the first UPS manufacturers in our country by improving itself in this field. When looked back, it is possible to see that it is the first brand to produce the right products in line with the needs of the sector without sacrificing quality. It owes all of these achievements to its managers who have taken the right steps at the right time, to its well-equipped R&D team, and to its employees who do their jobs meticulously.

Tescom today manufactures Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Static Transfer Switches, Frequency Converters, Inverters, Hybrid UPSs and project-specific products related to these products. It has also developed its own software to enable remote monitoring. It offers the service of all the products it produces. It offers solutions to its customers not only in our country but also in more than 40 countries.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies, are devices that ensure you are not affected by the problems of the network. Of course, it can provide this for a certain period of time and within certain limits. We can say that the power outages that we cannot tolerate in our daily life cause much bigger problems in some business lines and fields. If you have a serious patient in a hospital or if you are trying to secure the security of thousands of people's accounts in a bank, you will understand this much better. In such applications that we call "critical", UPSs become rescuer devices. Not only outages, but also fluctuations in the network can damage our critical devices, at these points the UPSs also act as filters.

When we examine the development of the industry and the development of technology, we see that smart devices now appear in every application. Every smart device can also be remotely controlled or monitored. At this point, it is obvious that the number of monitoring or control centers will also increase. Your devices that you cannot control or monitor your data will not be able to fulfill their intended purpose and will be open to external threats. If the security alarm of the apartment you live in is disabled due to a power outage, we can think of it as an example of your alarm not going off if a burglar enters your house. Or let's not think; best of all, secure your system with a UPS.

We should not forget the "internet network" on which we owe the remote monitoring of data. As a matter of fact, it is extremely important to have internet access even during power outages (or fluctuations). In some special places in data centers, there is an effort to provide 99.999% internet access to users. It is important to establish highly specialized electrical infrastructures and topologies to provide all these services. The number of these special facilities, where Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Generators, Static Transfer Switches, more than one independent electricity network and many other elements are blended, is increasing day by day. Tescom continues to improve its products in this area.

Tescom is a company that updates its product portfolio in line with trends. It has been the first domestic company to produce Hybrid UPS in accordance with its clean energy concept, and its applications are now working properly. Hybrid UPS is a UPS that you can connect PV panels. It charges the batteries with its internal MPPT during sunny hours and provides your electricity needs. It allows you to use the electricity stored in its batteries during the hours when there is no sun, allows you to switch to the grid after a certain point and can charge the batteries from there if necessary. Since it is a UPS, it also filters your mains electricity. It enables the transition to generator or second source even if there is no network. In this scenario, some configurations may change according to your demands - you can run it in a specific scenario for your application.

Many technologies that will appear in the future are based on the pre-acceptance of "quality and uninterrupted energy". At this point, we as Tescom Elektronik, are hopeful for the future and will continue to work by getting stronger to provide uninterrupted electrical energy, which is included in our most basic needs list. DMY Group also supports Tescom in this sense and aims to become the leader of the UPS industry within 5 years as a result of joint efforts.