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With the developing technology, expectations from energy quality are increasing day by day, and the progress in UPS technology in parallel with this expectation constantly arouses curiosity for the next step. Besides energy quality and reliability for consumers; Issues such as high efficiency, compact solution and uninterrupted, rapid service intervention in case of failure, sustainability and efficiency in cases such as redundancy, power increase have become an indispensable need for UPS. Modular UPS technology, which stands out with its advantageous solutions in these and many other problems, is being recognized more and more every day, and is rapidly progressing to become a trend in the new sector, especially in the data center and information channel.

Tescom, which started off with the motto of clean and reliable energy with the developing technology in Turkey and has been operating to meet all kinds of uninterrupted power supply needs since 1986, brings this new technology to its users with the Modular MTI300 Series.


Modular UPS consists of paralleling small power UPS modules and combining them with battery modules in a single cabinet.

As can be seen from the picture, UPS power modules placed in a single cabinet provide flexibility to the consumer in terms of power increase and redundant operation, as well as providing a fast and uninterrupted solution in case of a possible failure with its hot-swappable feature. With the battery modules placed in the same cabinet, flexibility is provided with different feeding times for different needs. The modular UPS attracts the attention of the users day by day with its features such as offering flexible solutions to future power increases, providing significant gains in size with a single cabinet, high efficiency and providing a fast service without interruption by replacing the defective module in case of failure.

30kVA power module

Finally, to sum up the advantages of Modular UPS;

Although it poses certain question marks in customers due to its being a new technology, it seems that it will be the locomotive in the sector, especially in the data center and information channel, in the future.

  • kVA = kW
  • High efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Redundancy
  • Easy installation and service
  • At the time of failure, only a power loss equal to the defective module power
  • Longer battery life with the same system as the smart battery management system