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Hybrid UPS March 2021

Tescom is proud to present the new generation, environment friendly Hybrid-UPS series!

Rising energy costs and solar systems that have become cheaper in recent years have led users to hybrid systems. Tescom which focuses on this need with its experience of more than 30 years in the field of power electronics, continues to be your most reliable partner with domestic production devices. The main feature of Hybrid-UPS is to be able to generate uninterrupted electricity through solar energy, battery, grid or generator in a controlled manner.

The new hybrid technology intelligently offers the most economical and ecological power option for loads.

It is primarily fed by solar energy to pay off your investment.

Maximum gain is obtained from the energy obtained from solar panels thanks to the MPPT algorithm.

The clean energy generated by the battery bank is stored and in case of any power failure, the system continues to be energized.

The smart control system provides real-time information to users. In addition, smart energy management is provided according to different climate and user types.

Like traditional on-line UPS, it provides complete protection against all kinds of electrical problems without any intervention.

The emergency generator is automatically activated and uninterrupted power is provided to the user by means of the hybrid system, in cases where solar energy and battery are insufficient and the network is cut.