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The MTI250 Modular Ups Series Rack Mounted Modular UPS is scalable, hot-swappable, online double conversion. The power capacity is from 25 to 200kVA/kW, it’s the ideal choice for modern data center. With the latest IGBT three-level and full DSP control technology, the new MTI250 series delivers the best combination of reliability and flexibility.

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Domaines D'utilisation

Caractéristiques Générales

  • High Power Density
    25kVA power module in 2U height, saving great amount of capacity expansion
  • Rack Modular Design
    Module design, compatible with 19” standard rack cabinet, convenient to be integrated with servers
  • Battery Cold Start
    UPS can be powered on from the battery without utility
  • Friendly Interface
    Touch LCD display with abundant information
  • IDC(Internet Data Center), network servers and workstation, control system, communication system, office, PC etc

NomTaille du fichier
1)MTI250 MODULAR UPS (25-200 kVA)

NomTaille du fichier
1)MTI250 MODULAR UPS (25-200kVA)