Solar Converters

10kW - 20kW - 40kW

TESCOM TGC Series Solar Converter

The new Tescom Solar Converter provides the ability of harvesting solar power for UPS systems. Tescom Solar Converter is specifically designed for operating in conjunction with Tescom DS|Power range UPS systems. With the use of advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms, high levels of efficiency and reliability is achieved. Tescom Solar Converter can be used in parallel with one UPS allowing higher solar power harvesting
with single UPS unit.

• High efficiency with advanced MPPT algorithm
• Wide solar voltage input range
• Overload protection
• Short circuit protection at load side
• Soft start function
• External EPO switch input
• RS232 inter face
• CAN bus interface
• Adjustable output current limit
• High charge current capacity
• Can be used in parallel
• LCD panel orientation can be changed
• Central DSP controlled structure
• Rack and wall mount options
• Voltage range selection
• Separate battery supported RT C (real time clock)
• Enhanced diagnostic
• IGBT technology
• Soft start algorithm
• Adjustable PV voltage failure limit
• Adjustable PV voltage high limit
• Flexible battery quantity
• Adjustable battery charging current limit
• Temperature compensation f or battery charging
• Power limiting at 110% at the output
• Short circuit protection
• Output fuse protection
• Adjustable output voltage
• Interactive control command protection
• LCD front panel, 2 buttons, indicator lamp and buzzer on front panel
• Modbus adaptor (optional)
• 128 events (5000 alarms) logging with time and date
• 2 year warranty
• 5 years spare parts support

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