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TESCOM Hybrid Series - Solar Product

The main feature of the Hybrid UPS systems are that they are capable of generating electricity from Solar, Batteries, Grid or Emergency Generator, in a controlled manner.

• Uniterruptible power by solar energy, grid and battery
• Return of investment
• MPPT Algorithm
• Solar energy storage
• Intelligent controller
• 100% stabilized output power
• Emengency generator

• The new hybrid technology automatically chooses the most economical and ecological power solution to the customer.
• Primarily works from solar energy to return your investment.
• MPPT algorithm provides maximum energy available in the PV panels to the load connected at the output of the solar converter. Solar Converter arranges power redundancy automatically.
• Battery bank stores the unused clean energy and protects you against power failure-blackout.
• The intelligent controller offers real time status information. The different energy flows can be setup according weather data and/or customer profiles.
• As a conventional on-line UPS, it always offers full protection against any kind of power problem without any internal switching.
• The hybrid system combines solar energy, grid, battery or emergency generator.

Tescom Hybrid UPS - The Principle

Solar System Application

The following gıidelines must be followed in order to ensure the maximum benefit from solar system;
• The most important part of the solar system is the photovoltaic panel! Therefore a Tier-1 class polycrystalline solar panel would be a good choice for long term solar energy harvesting.
• Check the azimuth angle of the PV installation area. Azimuth angle should to be zero to maximize the solar energy gained from the sun.
• The tilt angle must be checked and that should be set to local optimum tilt angle. That value is about 30 degree for Turkey and Europe.
• Installation and electrical works must be performed by expert teams.

Normalized productions: Nominal power 10.00 kWp
Tescom Hybrid UPS - Normalized Productions

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